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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 26, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> zombies will be taking over the cities all around the world, including san francisco. it's part of a global invation staged by amc and fox international for the new drama series called the walking dead. it tells the story of the weeks and months that follow a zombie apocalypse. during this month, zombies will swarm a street car at the
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embarcadero and will be in hong kong, london, new york city and los angeles. >> you see interesting characters on bart. >> that was the wrong video. that was the morning team arriving at the station. >> pretty much. before the first coffee. >> we will take you out to folks who are very hard at work on the peninsula through the san mateo hills. slowing in the westbound direction, but overnight construction and moving around from spot to spot. the freeway is open and we will find slowing around 50 miles per hour. san mateo bridge moves with a light volume. back to you. >> nice and clear and cold. >> it is a cold one. >> temperatures maybe getting into the 30s in spots around fairfield and livermore and north bay valleys. in the low 40s and couple more hours of cooling and you will
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probably not need the umbrella unless you are north of ukiah. not going to be impacting us today or tomorrow. a nice afternoon and mid 60s despite the chilly start. determine looks good for game one of the world series. plan on showers. we will see how it impacts game two throughout the week. >> time now is 5:10. a once hot bay is falling on hard times. more on that coming up. >> checking up on your local lawmakers. how to find out if they are paid too much. >> the olympic committee is talking about adding a few more sports to the winter games. if you are not a die-hard giants fan, we are here to help you get to know the giants. madison baumgartner is starting game four of the world series. baumgartner is 21, the youngest starting pitcher. he wasn't with the team at the
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start, but after a stint in aaa in fresno, he earned a spot in the majors. >> across the golden gate bridge, nice and smooth. we will check in with mike and get the latest on the commute and rob with the chilly forecast. 3q lysol knows you work hard every day to help keep your family healthy, especially during cold and flu season. and lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill more germs than any other brand, even h1n1. learn more at you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california.
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she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth" our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari.
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good tuesday morning. taking a live look outside. it's a cold start to the morning. grab a coat as you head out. these are expected highs on the peninsula. palo alto 65 and east bay fremont 66. >>. >> new this morning, an afghan insurgent leader linked to the killing of two u.s. sailors in july is being captured in eastern afghanistan. he was captured near the pakistani border. nato is responsible for i ingplanting bombs, but the claims cannot be verified. they were driving through a
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dangerous part when they found themselves in the middle of a firefight. the government is now loading fuel into the core of its first nuclear power plant. a russian engineer started moving the fuel into the main reactor in august, but a reported leak delayed injection of the fuel into the reactor. the plant is to begin generating electricity early next year. >> with the holidays quickly approaching, you may consider buying somebody a cute, cuddly puppy in the window. what are you getting in the long run? people unknowingly buy puppies bred in puppy mills. if you buy from a pet store or online, the true price is much more than you are willing to pay. this video taken by investigators, you will see here shortly reveals what high volume breeder dos not share.
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>> we could have 50 or up to 300 dogs each kept in a separate and a wire cage. they never have an opportunity for exercise. the cages are rarely clean and very unsanitary. we have to wear gas masks because the stench and the filth is so overwhelming. >> the humane society said puppies are bred quickly and the profitable ones are shipped off and sold and many wind up in bay area pet stores. they find some too young and kept in small cages are not given adequate food and water. take precautions. visit the promises where the puppy was bred. never arrange a roadside meeting and beware of buying a puppy online. not all pet stores are bad. in the bay area, petco and pet smart team up with local animal shelters. >> the recent salary scandal in the city of bell prompted action in sacramento. john chang launched a new
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website where you can see what cities and counties pay workers. the site is not complete yet. there is no information in places like san mateo and santa barbara counties. the salaries are listed from city clerk to recreation supervisor. the l.a. times said governments could face fines of up to $5,000 if they do not provide that information. about 30 programmers and engineers are out of work in the not for long. >> there is a huge demand for emergencies and programmers and many of the folks will be starting work in other start ups today. stuff like twitter. dig laid off about a third of employees yesterday. the website is wildly popular and millions of visitors had several hiccups as the leaders redesigned the site and alienated the most vocal leaders. he has a new ceo and will be my
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guest a couple of weeks from now. touque of hulu may cut the hulu plus program. that's what you need it for i pad or iphone. apple users think that's ridiculous and rated them one star on i tunes. it has been a total disaster. hulu costs about $10 a month and the humor is they cut that to $5. nbc is a partial owner of hulu. >> we will see what they decide. >> we usually have the winter olympics here on nbc and the next one will only be more than three years away and may include several new events. at a meeting in acapulco far from olympicville, the committee is considering adding team figure skating mixed biangt lo lon and snowboarding to the 2014 winter games in russia.
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no wonder why they are in acapulco. men's and women's ski half pipe may also be added. a final decision won't be made until after the world championship. those will be interesting to watch. >> love them. 5:19 and want to go to mike inouye for tabs on the morning commute. >> word of a disabled bus in the system, but i don't know if there passengers or if it was a muni bus or in service. we will track it and let you know. maybe your coworkers are looking at southbound 280. where this bus is reported sounds like it is being moved off to the shoulder there. hopefully more details coming in. there no delays to the south where the giants are playing tomorrow. over to 101 and 74 miles per hour registering on 101. 57 for 280 into the city as well. more folks in town for the world series so expect delays in and around the ballpark and the
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hotel areas near union square. a smooth drive approaching the bay bridge. construction off to the north of the bridge. as you come into the city, you will be on the right. be careful. we will get a live look at the upper deck and we don't see delays. it will get crowded for sure. >> thanks a lot. up next, beat the san francisco fan who said the giants saved his life and inspired him to pursue his dreams. >> lu sill is wondering if the rain will take over. we will have the answers coming up. i inherited my father's '69 norton commando.
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>> good tuesday morning. good chilly morning to you. 48 degrees in san jose. clear skies and a few other spots in fairfield and livermore dipping close to 40. 52 at oakland and that's one of the more mild locations we see. san francisco is 57 degrees near the water. not too chilly, but not that light coat weather. this is winter coat weather. may even see upper 30s around the north bay. for game one of the world series, we should be fine. we will see increasing clouds tomorrow and then it's game two. it looks like rain could be making an approach around the bay area. the system that will be coming in today, north of ukiah, showers here and snow up towards mount shasta this morning.
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this system being pushed just far enough to the north by a ridge of high pressure that will keep us dry, but over my shoulder, this is the reason why the forecast into late tomorrow and thursday and friday will be challenging as we look at the forecast. it will be a case of a coastal slider or bay area curveball. we will see a little bit of both. any rain we respect will be in the far north bay. the challenge comes as we get into thursday. the system will pivot around along the coast, spilling showers to the coastline on thursday. some computer models hold off later on thursday into friday. stay tuned for now. game two looking at showers. that's the good possibility for game two. game one should be dry. around the bay area, despite the chilly start, mostly sunny and cool sunshine. upper 60s around san jose. low 60s and mid- to upper 60s around concord and to the north bay, this will be the spot
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beginning late tomorrow. north of sant rosa may see rain for wednesday. game one should be fine and thursday we will have to watch that for you and halloween for now. sunday evening also looking dry. back to you. >> looking good. thanks a lot. giants fever hitting close to home for one man. his love for baseball saved his life. >> not to mention the giant who turned his life around. we are introduced to the man who said the giants and coach bruce boce are life savers. >> i want to catch a home run. >> 2-year-old darrell king monroe is an extreme giants fan. attending nearly every game and batting practice. living in san francisco's bayview district, his obsession with baseball may have saved his life. >> i grew up around the ballpark. i live in bayview point and there ain't no good area. baseball keeps me out of trouble. >> king monroe collects
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memorability and autographs. >> i met bruce when the padres were there. getting awo graphs and he asked me about school. >> he said boce started coaching him. >> study. just study and study hard. that's all he told me. study hard. okay. i will do what i gotta do. >> he worked his magic with the san francisco giants, forming connections and bringing out their best on the field. turns out his touch is also magic off the field. words of wisdom shared over a baseball and a pen put him in the lineup for success. >> bruce, you put a lot in my head when i was young they're got me through school. i am not at the ballpark as much like i used to because i'm in school. >> thanks to boce, he is studying at city college and graduating will be almost as exciting as a san francisco
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giants world series victory. today in the bay. >> he hopes to be a broadcast journalist, part of the dream inspired by boce is to cover the giants. >> that's great. amid the debate over legalizing pot, one city is talking about banning medical marijuana dispensaries. ry will tell you which one. >> and banning cigarettes. certain types of cigarettes should not be allowed. >> we help you get to know the giants. you probably know about tim lincecum, better known as the freak. she number 55 and arguably the best pitcher in the giants starting rotation. she say two-time cy young winner, impressive considering he only played for four science. throughout his career, he averaged more than one strike out per inning. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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new this morning, a south bay neighborhood is trying to stay separate from san jose. we will tell you which one and what they are doing today. >> it's almost election day, but is your ballot printed correctly? voters found that the answer is no. i'm christie smith and we will tell you the problem and possible solutions coming up today in the bay. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> 5:30 today in the bay. we start with rob and a look at the changing forecast. >> that's right. the change is a winter chill at
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southside this morning. you want a nice jacket heading outdoors. 30s early in the morning and the afternoon looks good. highs today in the mid 60s. no rain today, but late tomorrow that might be a different story. it may impact tomorrow morning's commute. >> we will watch that carefully and we have the disabled bus. it is out of lanes and no passengers on the bus. it's cold and chilly for the passengers, but a driver will help take care of the bus on that side of the bay. southbound highway 13 at 580, the slowing is blocked boy a disabled sedan. the black toyota in the slowing and be careful as you approach the merge. these could get complicated as the crew arrives on the scene. >> a ballot blunder means election workers and voters are scrambling. one race was left off of some mail in ballots. some have already sent their ballots back in. christie smith is live in
5:32 am
martinez with what went wrong and what they are trying to do to collect it. good morning to you. it was a sharp voter who first noticed the problem that a contest involving a sanitary district was not on the ballot. he phoned it into the department and they launched an investigation and found he was right. in some cases that contest is not printed properly on the ballot. precincts involving the central contra costa county sanitary district were miscoded. this is a vote by mail ballot. they collect sewage and treats wastewater for 462,000 homes and businesses and mostly homes. they accept the blame and will try to fix this coding problem in the future. new ballots are expected to be mailed out today and will be available at the polls on election day. we believe it affects 2700
5:33 am
voters in alamo, danville, martinez and pleasant hill. if you submit a second corrected ballot unopened ballots will be held and destroyed and otherwise the first will be counted. we do have calls into the elections department and as soon as we get more information, we will bring it to you. christie smith today in the bay. >> thanks a lot and today is the last day to request a vote by mail ballot. it's a statewide deadline and you have to drop off the application at the county register of voter's office by 5:00. vote by mail ballots are popular in california. more than half of the ballots cast last june were mail in ballots. . today is a dreaded day for mayors. >> they are expected to begin the annexation process for a
5:34 am
section of people in the came brian neighborhood. protesters are expected to turn out at the city council meeting. they have to decide and have eight votes to overturn the protest and continue with the annexation. some neighbors would rather be annexed into the city and it has agreed to take over that area. uc san francisco will break ground on a 1.5 billi$1.5 billi hospital. groundbreaking at 10:30 and a community celebration set for tomorrow afternoon. that one is free and open to the public. san francisco mayor gavin newsom's wife and daughter will be part of that celebration begin tomorrow. the hospital expected to be completed in 2014. east palo alto may ban medical marijuana dispensaries for 10 months or more. the city attorney said they could lead to crime, traffic, and other problems and said the
5:35 am
city should ban the pot distributors until the city can figure out how to accommodate them. many cities across the state reported an increase in crime, traffic, and the sale of illegal drugs, including the illegal resale of marijuana from dispensaries. the council could declare a moratorium during the council meeting. supervisors will look at ex-panning their experience beyond the bay area when it comes to lighting up. they urge the food and drug administration to ban menthol flavoring in cigarettes. supporters say the fda banned other candy flavors from cigarettes because they are considered starter products for teens. menthol is a candy flavor. they will meet to talk about that proposal at a 9:30 meeting in martinez. your retirement may not be in the bank. the pension system may run dry in just 15 years.
5:36 am
that would leave the county and taxpayers responsible for $795 million in annual payments. the two professors who authored as the county tries to maintain pensions, the system will be forced to sell off assets and leaving the portfolio dry by 2025. the giants fans have a heavy case of ticket fever as many find a way to get into at&t park for game one of the world series tonight. stub hub is warning fans not to let their ticket fever turn into fraud. they urge fans to beware of people selling electronic paper tickets on the street. >> maybe somebody sold the tickets and printed off that same paper over and over again. the first person with that car code will get in and everybody else is left out in the cold. >> some fans are willing to do
5:37 am
anything. man on craigs list is willing to give up his i pad. there tickets available. we checked for the latest prices on the site. they start at standing room only for $417. if you want a view reserve, be prepare pod pay about $575. lower box seats are as low as $1080. good morning. 5:37 and we will take you to the mabs with some things going on in the east bay. we have slowing that popped up on antioch. 21 miles per hour at the slowest. a street horizon is where you see the slowing. we have an issue in san ramon at valley boulevard. there is an issue with the traffic at the major intersection. just be careful folks. at the dublin interchange and
5:38 am
580, no major slowing yet. that will pick up for 20 minutes for sure. a lot of folks picking up and an easy drive including the tunnel where the power is on and the construction marking just off of the bay bridge. the new tower started yesterday and that will be a distraction on the right side into the city. keep that in mind. as more folks come in for the world series, they are worried about the weather. what do you have to say? >> getting into town won't be a problem, but folks will have their heaters cranked up. close to 40 today. before sunrise is not out of the question. we may see upper 30s around r around the valleys. the headline is the chilly start. no worries about rain today, and most of tomorrow should be dry. thursday we will see changes to the system as they start to approach the coast and thursday is the timing for the next round of rain. the next highs with a nice
5:39 am
finish. 67 in san jose and low 60s in san francisco. spilling in clouds tomorrow around game one and for game two, we will see showers and a wet start to the weekend and things clear out in time for trick or treat on sunday evening. >> good because i'm planning on getting a lot of candy.
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a nice looking shot of the bay bridge and looks like the
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commute is moving fairly easy into the city. temperatures are looking pretty cold to start the day. we will check your commute and your forecast. mike getting help from lucille, the giants mascot. >> pretty exciting out there. taking over the newsroom here. 60 days until christmas and that means stores should start stocking up on the hottest gadgets out there and also stock up on a lot of help they will need for the holidays if people are willing to spend money. today in the bay's tracy pots is live with the holiday hiring forecast. a lot of people counting on finding a job. >> a lot of people have been looking particularly out there in california where you have double-digit unemployment. this may be the time of year where you can find the job you have been looking for all year. you were talking about buying when people buy it creates jobs. we know that a lot of big box companies have said they are hiring this holiday season.
5:44 am
toys 'r us is hiring 45,000 seasonal worker, four times as many as last year. brook stone will be up 36%. macy's, 65,000 workers nationwide. 40,000 being hired for kohl's and 6,000 to do online customer service from home for online retailers. a lot of new jobs will be out there. we know in the bay area, the one-year forecast looks good. they are expected to increase retail jobs about 7/10 of 1%, but that's hundreds of jobs for people who don't currently have them. i'm tracie potts, today in the bay. >> for a lot of people anything is better than nothing. >> venezuela president hugo chavez ordered the take over of an american firm called owens illinois in the southern part of the country. he said the company is exploiting workers and destroying the environment. it's part of chavez's nationwide
5:45 am
large chunks of the country economy. since last month's election left him with a smaller majority, he nationalized a fertilizer factory, motor lubricants firm and land belonging to a wealthy british family. they were founded in 1903 and makes bottles in asia, europe and the americas. >> one of the most infamous leaders in saddam hussein's regime is sentenced to death by hanging. the court handed down that decision for his in prosecuting islamic groups during saddam hussein's rule. he is practicing catholic and already in prison, charged with his role in the execution of 42 people for which he was serving a sentence of 15 years. good morning. time is 5:45. >> we will take a look at traffic and weather in less than three minutes, but your child's school is getting a turn warning from the federal government.
5:46 am
bob redell is live with more on the story that matters to all of us. good morning, bob. >> reporter: this is in response to the growing problem that the federal government sees with regards to bullying. not only in your schools, but on campuses, no saying that san jose state has that problem, but the campus is across the country do. the department of education and the federal department of education is sending letters out to campuses throughout the country coming up. we will give you an idea of what's in the letter and what the state of new jersey is doing to combat bullying. they are saying that what they have proposed is considered to be the toughest anti-bullying law in the country. we talk about the state because what happens there could possibly come to california or other states throughout the country if not at the federal level. reporting live here at san jose state, bob redell today in the bay.
5:47 am
it's 5:46. look at this. we are looking at an updated location for the disabled vehicle. eastbound at highway 13. it's merging either 580 or highway 13. the freeway, watch it as they arrive on scene. the chp will help a person who is stuck there. it's cold out there. no problems off of highway 24. a nice easy drive right now. 18 minutes off of the bridge approaching the bay bridge. this construction on the north of the bridge started that tower assembly and bright lights focused on the road. that can get crazy. some folks may be more distracted because they didn't hear the report. we are looking at a slow down and westbound 580 in towards the central livermore and the other spot around airway. that's the start of the slowing. sunol looks good and a clear view with the southbound side and the tail lights with a nice
5:48 am
easy flow. you can see the grade into fremont. >> all the cars have the heaters cranked up. it is chilly. sunol down to about 43. oakland and san francisco a bit more mild and you expect that closer to the water. you are not going to get as cold. 57 degrees currently in san francisco. despite the chilly start to the morning, a nice forecast for the afternoon. 67 in san jose and low to mid 60s around san francisco and oakland as we show you the seven-day forecast, game one will be okay. increasing clouds tomorrow and game two with showers friday into saturday. rain off and on into sunday and clearing out halloween eve. back to you. >> thanks a lot. if you have $51 billion, what would you do with it? scott has been looking into that. >> you might buy sony. that's $51 billion, what apple has in the bank. there is talk that apple could buy sony. sony stock shot up overnight in
5:49 am
japan about 3%. this is not a totally ridiculous idea. sony makes audio gear and computers like apple and has a music arm. it's into movies and it's involved in consumer sales of television which is something that apple is not involved in. se sony is also involved in video games. lego universe is due out for mac and pc expected to sell quite well. apple turned into quite the competitor in the video game space. sony's biggest rival said their biggest problem and biggest threat is not sony. it's apple. back to you. >> thanks a lot. election day a week from today. that means you are probably being bombarded with political ads. do they influence your decision and do the ads tell the truth? today in the bay joins us with a campaign check from the expert this is morning. >> you have to know what you are
5:50 am
looking at and looking for. checking the campaign claims is one of the jobs. thanks for joining us this morning. michelle obama had a late event last night. glad to have you. two ads we butted for the governor's race and one from is from jerry brown's campaign and one is for meg whitman. >> let's do it. >> i don't oh, anyone anything. >> i don't oh, anyone anything. >> jobs, jobs and jobs. >> many of you see this election as an unhappy choice. between a politician with no plan for the future and a billionaire with no experience. >> you brought it up to to me and she is saying things about herself that her opponent is saying as well. >> a billionaire with no experience. you don't want voters to remember that. you want them to remember what you are know and how you are
5:51 am
different. she is say billionaire and i'm not. how is she going to relate to my issues? it's marketing 101. >> she goes on to say this is how i am like you, but it might be too late. >> what are do you remember from that ad. she's a billionaire. not a happy choice. >> the other one we saw, the juxtaposition of whitman with swartz swartz posing as an outsider. that's a jerry brown ad and we don't see him and that's powerful. >> arguably the most powerful ad of the season. first of all, schwarzenegger, everybody hates him. his approval rate suggest very low and shows how similar they are. it's very accurate not only in style with whitman and schwarzenegger saying the same things, but their policies are almost identical. >> it's almost the same speech. >> they are almost carbon copies of each other with policy. it hits on two levels. >> i saw it for the first time at a pub with the giants game
5:52 am
and people who had an opportunity to go to the bathroom did not. they were transfixed. >> if you can do that, that is a mark of a powerful ad. people in a bar stop drinking and talking to each other, that's a powerful ad. >> we talk about prop 19. this is going to be the first ad. >> let's be honest. the war against marijuana has failed. i know from 35 years -- >> why do you think it is we have not seen a lot of ads? >> there is not a lot of money and there is a fine line. the people who are for the legalization of marijuana don't want to come off as a bunch of stoners. what they do is have a very well-respected police chief. >> that makes it more powerful in the bay area. >> he has a lot of credibility and said the war on drugs fail and this is why. a couple of things about this that are a little bit off. one he said law enforcement
5:53 am
supports it, but other law enforcement are retired or no longer in the force. he can't come out for it. the other thing that is off is that billions will be raised in taxes. yeah, maybe. >> that remains to be seen. that's new territory. >> you write for the chronicle. go to our website where we have decision 2010 so you can see what you are watching and getting in the mail and tell truth from fiction. we will talk more about the ads coming up at 6:15. >> we're look forward to it. thank you very much. new this morning, the government is examining the safety of smaller regional airlines. a federal panel will make sure airlines are being held to the same safety standards as major carriers. they will be looking at code sharing agreements that allow major carriers to sell seats on flights operated by smaller carriers. our regional airline crash that
5:54 am
killed 50 people in new york last year drew attention to what critics say are two levels of safety. for major airlines and a lower level for smaller carriers. we are getting more information into the newsroom for the powerful deadly earthquake off of western indonesia. the 7.7 magnitude quake struck beneath the ocean floor and killed at least 23 people. witnesses say that the waves were about 10 feet high, pounded the ridges on remote islands, leaving more than 160 people missing. the death toll is expected to rise. a once powerful politician accused of misconduct will get his day in court. jury selection is stated to start in the trial of tom delay. he is charged with money laundering in his home state of texas. the charges stem from a political witch hunt. charges were filed five years ago, but appeals have delayed the delay case.
5:55 am
. good morning. we will show you the temperatures around the bay area. 57 degrees in san francisco. that's the warmest place we are finding this morning. napa to the north and 42 and in livermore a chilly morning. 46 degrees and light winds this morning. you can see we have showers off to the north of the ukiah and no worries about rain. the temperatures around lunchtime, even with all of the sunshine, it will take time to warm up after the chilly start, but a nice afternoon. 62 in san francisco and 67 in san jose. tomorrow we will see increasing clouds and increasing showers by thursday afternoon into friday. the weekend plan on a little more rain as we approach saturday. back to you. >> thanks so much, rob. they may be gone, but if they wha they are earning means anything, some celebrities who passed on are not forgotten. forbes list of the top earning dead celebrities. michael jackson earned $275
5:56 am
million since last october. that's more than the others on the list combined. elvis is number two, his estate earning $60 million. the top five, j.r. the author of the lord of the rings, 53 nuts creator and beatle john lennon. >> hollywood history was made in the form of back to the future. it's hard to believe it has been a quarter of a century since the blockbuster film hit the big screen. this morning on today, meredith talked to the cast about why they based a movie in 1955. >> because we did the math and wanted marty's character to be the same age as his father. the movie takes place in 1985 so we went back exactly 20 years. >> back to the future was the number one film for 11 weeks during the summer and the fall
5:57 am
of 1985. it also spawned two sequels in the years to follow. >> they all look bret pretty good too. >> the giants and the phillies in their rear view mirror. one guy is not handling it well. see his comparison that is raising eyebrows. >> an east bay company teaming up with madonna. what they are up to, coming up. >> early voting off to a rough start. why it islopo a apologizing to thousands of voters in a live report. save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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call an agent at 1-800-state-farm the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. voters in contra costa got a surprise in the mail. their ballots are wrong. we will tell you what the problem is in a live report. >> a new crack down on bullying and how the government is taking schools to task.


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